In line with IEEE Women in Engineering (IEEE WIE) initiative, RADECS Association would like to promote women engineers and scientists and inspiring young ladies to follow their academic interests in a career in space radiation effects on electronics and materials.
Therefore, the “Emilie du Châtelet” award was created to recognize a major contribution, done by a woman, in the radiation effects field.



Gabrielle Émilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, Marquise du Châtelet, was a French physicist, born on December 17, 1706, in Paris, France. Du Châtelet was born into an aristocratic family. She received an excellent education. Du Châtelet learned science, literature, and music. She married Marquis du Châtelet. Du Châtelet and had a 15-year affair with Voltaire. Voltaire, Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis and Alexis Claude Clairaut recognized her talents. She translated Principia Mathematica by Isaac Newton into French while she was pregnant. She died in 1749. Du Châtelet’s translation of Principia Mathematica is still used today. She knew that her work was not appreciated during her time. Years after she died, she was recognized as a role model for women. Du Châtelet is still celebrated around the world for her work in Newtonian studies and mathematics.


If you wish to propose a woman to be candidate for the “Emilie du Châtelet” award, please send an email to  chairman@radecs2020.org  before June 30th, 2020   providing the following information :

- A short summary of her major contribution to Radiation Effects field ( about 10 lines )

- A short Curriculum Vitae ( about 10 lines)

No restriction, all candidature are welcome. All candidature will be processed and analysed by the “Emilie du Châtelet” award committee (only women inside), leaded by RADECS 2020 Technical Program Chairwoman

The “Emilie du Châtelet” award will be given at RADECS 2020 Gala diner conference, on Thursday September 17th, 2020.